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Cupboards, Storage, Sideboards, Display Units

You may have decided to make life simple and minimal, but there are still things we need to have to make life easier. Extra Glass’s, more cutlery, reference books, family photographs, table mats, correspondence etc. They may not need to be on show but they do need to be available. They need cupboards to be stored in or in a Sideboard, at least you then have a useful surface to but your drink down on, or indeed a lamp.

Your room needs a focal point.

Are you a collector of some special items, or art, or just have some lovely pieces which remind you of the past, they may need to be on display, but behind glass? A display case, which could have a useful cupboard to store things out of sight in the base, and glazed doors at the top.

Even now with kitchens having wonderful cupboard space, there does always seem to be overspill.

Think also of having a chest of drawers, so pleasing to look at, in any room and they come in so many sizes and types.