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Oak Kitchen & Dining

The chairs you will probably use the most may well be those around your kitchen Table. So make sure you are going to be comfortable. After a leisurely Sunday breakfast, sitting back reading the Sunday newspaper or watching the politics show with a cup of coffee - Be Comfortable!

Make sure the seat is the right height and that the shape of the back fits, both for you, and your partner. There is a great number to choose from, economic Imported chairs, (yes we do sell them, because the price is so good!).

These often come, but not always, with ‘Faux’ leather seats. Very practical (especially if there are little sticky fingers around). These are mostly produced in natural unstained Oak, although there are a few in darker shades, now beginning to be in demand.

Many of these chairs are also excellent in the ‘smarter’ part of your home. You may wish to purchase the Imported Oak Tables for the Dining Room, so these tables will be part of the set. Or alternatively you may want to create the Table of your dreams, (see our Bespoke Portfolio section for ideas) and the Imported chairs will be fine with the Dream Table.

For real comfort for either space, Kitchen (kitchen Diner) or dining room, come and sit in one of the Fanback chairs, English made with an astonishingly comfortable ‘bum shaped’ seat! Side chairs and Carver chairs, (with arms) are available. You need to sit in one to appreciate the comfort.

Dining Chairs to fit a more Formal dining room.

Traditional Oak, but perhaps in a softer, not so dark colour is coming back into fashion. Regency Reproduction, both in Mahogany, the ‘standard’ colour or the softer Antique colour as well as mellow Yewtree, are always favourite to look really smart, elegant and especially at Christmas time give that wonderful feeling of comfort. Here you can a great choice of Fabrics to match your décor. Fabric samples can be sent to your home. Do you want all Side chairs, or all Carver chairs (every-one loves a chair with arms) if you have the space. Perhaps have 2 Carvers and the rest, 4, 6 or 8, or more, without the Arms.

Please come and see us, or ring on 01572 767636

Tip 1. Tell us if your chairs are going to be on wood or look like wood floors. We will then make sure the base of each leg is very smooth. Better in the long run, than putting pads under the legs, they invariably come off, one at a time. This unbalances the chair and creates strain on the joints.

Tip 2. When deciding on the number of chairs you can get around a table. Allow 600mm (24”) per person. But the chairs are not that wide it is your elbows!! For a large party, at celebration time you can squeeze in, allowing 500mm (20”). Actually in an ideal room, you allow a 600mm (24”) square for each chair, everyone has to get in and put and invariably pushes their chair back after eating to sit and “put the world to rights”. Also remember to think about how many people will be sitting with a table leg for company!! That’s when a centre pedestal is preferable.

Tip 3. Think about your older relatives, when they come to enjoy your home, a Carver, with arms makes it much easier for them to relax, knowing they can stand up, with the support of the arms, to go home!!