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Desks & Bookcases for books

So much for the paperless society, most of us still find working, studying, composing, editing and even looking after household accounts much more pleasurable when sitting at a beautiful Desk.

Desks, Bureau’s and Bookcases enhance a space. Giving a focal point to a room. Or if you are planning a study, think about how much space you need have to spare. Also remember there will always be records to keep, many Desks will include a filing drawer. For all those boring bills! Or if you do not have much space, choose a smaller Desk or a bureau and have alongside it a filing Cabinet.

Many people now will opt for a conversion to the top middle drawer, which is actually then a sliding tray, an ideal place to store that laptop, (which is so much better used on the top of the desk than on your lap) when it is not in use!

And the joy of a bookcase, there is just something so pleasing about seeing a collection of books. EBooks may be popular, but how often do you offer to lend or actually borrow a real book?