Maple/Walnut Furniture

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Contemporary Maple and Walnut Range

Our exclusive designer range of maple furniture from Marietta King uses North American white Maple.

This very hard wood has a fascinating inner grain which develops within the first few months of being finished. The Range is also made from walnut.

Because of the style, the name of this furniture is the Mayflower Range. A competition during the Furniture Show to name the variation using a black border detail won the name of the "Keynote Range"

The pieces are simple, contemporary and feature solid thick timber tops. Extra pieces are added to the Range on demand. For example the small Vitrine (display Cabinet) and the video/music cupboard have now become standards. The totally unique, contemporary Grandfather Clock was another special.

Particularly interesting are the various extending Dining Tables. Many homes now feature meals within the kitchen area so the flexibility of either the Octagonal or the Hexagonal Extending Tables has proved very popular. There is a wonderful choice of sizes.

The Sideboards and the Dressers, Coffee & Lamp Tables and Consol Tables as well as, Open Bookcases of various sizes have also proved popular.

Maple Furniture

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