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Dining Tables for Dining and Kitchen Tables for daily use.

Relax around a wonderful Table. You can really enjoy your family around a lovely solid Table in Oak. Do you entertain your friends in the kitchen, on a simple Maple table with a painted base or do you also have a smarter more elegant Traditional Table, Mahogany, Yewtree or Oak for entertaining or both?. We do them all. In many sizes and shapes. We can also supply Table Protectors, so you, your children/grand children can make use of your table in many ways.

For Impressive and clever Tables made for just you, see the Bespoke Portfolio pages for ideas to inspire you.

Come and see us, or call us on 01572 767 636. There is a surprisingly large range to choose from, in the Workshop Showrooms.

Tip “Polish and wood” does not like Nail varnish, or nail varnish remover!. Hot saucepans are a “no no”! Trees didn’t not grow to expect wine, water or spirits or even paint to be left on their cut, oiled or finished surfaces! We can repair and restore most damage but why give Insurance companies a chance to put up your premiums!!