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Yew Tree Range

Yew Furniture has the beauty of looking and being elegant. It shares the similar styles of the Regency period but somehow looks much more modern. Our Mellow Yew Tree has been popular around our Rutland base for nearly 30 years. Our customers come from all over the country but mostly from the East Midlands. Especially Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, many using SAT NAV's!!

When people move to larger, or downside to smaller homes they invariably come back to add to their collection. We can the match to their furniture, as closely as wood will allow. Interestingly woods change colour in time, even if they are not in direct sunlight. As a general rule, "light woods go darker, and dark woods get lighter" so please allow our skilled polishers to judge the balance.

The choice of pieces is almost unlimited, when Marietta says "we can make anything you want" she usually adds "as long as it is wood!" So, should you be unable to find exactly what you are looking, for please ask one of the knowledgeable Staff. We will then be able to produce a "Working Drawing" for you and a quote, all of which is Free.

Yew Furniture

Contact us directly about Yew Furniture using the form on the right, or call 01572 767 636 and we can see what we have in stock.

Helpful Hint

When planning how large or small a Dining or Kitchen Table you need, allow 610mm (24") Square per chair around the table, both along the edge of the table and from the table, as you need space to get in and out. So for instance (depending on the positioning of the legs) a 2m (6'6") Table can seat 8.

You can manage with a bit of a squeeze with 510mm (20") its those pesky elbows that get in the way!